Alternative rock band To Kill Achilles have shared the video for the new single “Rats,” out now via Arising Empire.

Watch the video below:

Stream the track here.

“Rats” is an antithesis of previous material, and for far too long, the band told the story of mental degradation without hope. Becoming completely drained repeating the same lines of how it hurts to be here, this new material deals with courage, control, acceptance, and ultimately the end goal that anyone in this circumstance seeks — the other side. This is the journey of getting better, taking control of your life, and the experiences around you.

The band previously released Something To Remember Me By back in 2020. Listen here.

To Kill Achilles

To Kill Achilles have extensively toured across the UK, the majority of Europe and Russia with bands such as We Came As Romans, Counterparts, While She SLeeps, I Killed The Prom Queen, Betraying The Martyrs, and many more.


  • Tindal — Vocals
  • Larry — Guitar
  • Tippett — Bass
  • Baz — Drums


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