All Shall Perish 2012 tour of North America for the album This Is Where It Ends with support from Carnifex, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Conducting from the Grave, and The Contortionist.

April 28th, 2012 at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

All Shall Perish

About All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish was an American deathcore band that formed in 2002 in Oakland, California. The band consisted of lead vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida, guitarists Ben Orum and Francesco Artusato, bassist Mike Tiner, and drummer Adam Pierce.

All Shall Perish was known for their brutal and technical style of deathcore, which combined elements of death metal and hardcore punk. Their music was characterized by fast-paced guitar riffs, intricate drumming, and intense vocals, creating a sound that was both aggressive and complex.

The band released several albums and EPs throughout their career, including their debut album “Hate. Malice. Revenge” in 2003 and their critically acclaimed album “The Price of Existence” in 2006. They were also known for their socially and politically conscious lyrics, addressing topics such as war, oppression, and inequality.

In 2013, the band announced that they would be going on hiatus, citing personal and professional reasons. While there were talks of a reunion in 2015, the band ultimately did not reform and officially disbanded in 2016. Despite their relatively short career, All Shall Perish left a lasting impact on the deathcore scene, inspiring and influencing many up-and-coming bands with their technical prowess and socially conscious lyrics.

About Carnifex

Carnifex, an American deathcore band from San Diego County, California, formed in 2005. Currently, they are with the Nuclear Blast label; however, they were at one time on Victory Records. The band has eight full-length albums and three EPs to their name. Founding members Scott Ian Lewis (lead vocalist) and Shawn Cameron (drummer) lead the band, joined by rhythm guitarist Cory Arford, bassist Fred Calderon, and lead guitarist Neal Tiemann.

In 2021, Carnifex covered “Dead Bodies Everywhere” by Korn and embarked on a 2021 US Summer Tour. Furthermore in May of the same year, they released “Seven Souls,” followed by “Pray for Peace” on June 18, 2021. On July 23, 2021, they announced their eighth studio album, Graveside Confessions, set to release on September 3, along with the title track.

On September 9, 2022, Scott Lewis announced that Neal Tiemann officially joined Carnifex after playing live with them on recent tours, making the band a five-piece. In addition, he also said that they are currently working on their ninth studio album with Tiemann.

The Contortionist
Brian Shields interviews Jonathan and Cam

About The Contortionist

The members of The Contortionist formed an American progressive metal band in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2007. Michael Lessard (vocals), Robby Baca (guitar), Cameron Maynard (guitar), Jordan Eberhardt (bass), and Joey Baca (drums) currently comprise the band’s lineup.

The band’s fusion of progressive metal, ambient music, and an emphasis on atmospheric and experimental elements, characterizes The Contortionist’s music. Additionally, the band’s lyrics often explore themes of spirituality, personal growth, and self-discovery.

The band released their debut EP, “Apparition,” in 2009, followed by their first full-length album, “Exoplanet,” in 2010. Subsequently, the album helped establish The Contortionist as a rising star in the progressive metal scene.

Over the years, The Contortionist has undergone several lineup changes, with Lessard joining the band as the lead vocalist in 2013. In 2017, the band released their fourth album, “Clairvoyant.” “Clairvoyant” marked a departure from their previous sound, incorporating elements of electronic music and softer, more melodic passages.

The Contortionist has toured extensively, performing with notable acts such as Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, and Protest the Hero. The band has gained a dedicated following in the progressive metal scene and is known for their dynamic and engaging live performances.