The Alpha Complex first annual TAC PAC HALLOWEEN BASH featuring The Alpha Complex, Sinshrift, Sedit, and Samora.

10-26-22 at Goldfield’s Sacramento


About The Alpha Complex

The Alpha Complex is a band that plays alternative rock music with a blend of electronic and industrial elements. The band is currently active and consists of (Mike) vocals, Kery (guitar), Travis (bass), and Matt (drums).

Their music is characterized by powerful and emotive vocals, driving guitar riffs, and catchy electronic beats. They are known for their energetic live performances, often featuring stunning visual effects and intense lighting.

The Alpha Complex has released several albums and singles over the years, gaining a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim for their unique sound and style. They continue to tour and perform, bringing their signature blend of rock and electronic music to audiences around the world.

About Samora

Samora is a psychedelic hard rock band hailing from Sacramento, California. They are an active band, known for their unique blend of heavy psychedelic rock and hard-hitting blues-inspired riffs.

Samora has gained a reputation for their electrifying live performances, featuring high-energy stage presence and stunning visual effects that enhance their music. They have released several albums and singles over the years, showcasing their evolving sound and dedication to their craft.



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