Rose Funeral headline a 2012 show with The Kennedy Veil, Soma Ras, Gary Busey Amber Alert, And Came Back Brutal, and A Plague Upon Her. This concert was a showcase of local talent, featuring a diverse lineup of bands that embody the aggressive and intense sounds of death metal, which concluded with Rose Funeral headlining this once in a lifetime 2012 tour.

This concert was an electrifying evening of heavy riffs, pounding drums, and powerful vocals that got the crowd headbanging and moshing along. Fans enjoyed a night filled with raw energy and passion, as each band brought their own unique style and flair to the stage. This was an opportunity for local death metal fans to come together and celebrate their love of the genre, with a lineup delivered an unforgettable experience.

September 14th, 2012 at the Boardwalk

Rose Funeral
The Kennedy Veil
The Kennedy Veil
Soma Ras
A Plague Upon Her
Beyond All Ends
Purification By Fire
Rose Funeral 2012 show flyer