April 15th 2016 at Harlow’s in Sacramento, Ca

Higher Purpose Events and Pat Martin’s All Stars brought together the musical talents of the following:

• Jeff Keith, Brian Wheat and Frank Hannon of Tesla • Jacoby Shaddix and Dave Buckner of Papa Roach • Brad Lang bassist for Y & T • Joe Fraulob, former guitarist for the band Danzig and Deconstruct • Jerry Woods, well known guitarist in Northern California music circles • Vince DiFiore, trumpet and keyboards, founding member of Cake • Rob Sabino, legendary keyboardist for David Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, and many more. Rob was a member of the band Chic (Le Freak) and has written songs with Peter Frampton • Matt Pinder, bassist for The Pinder Brothers and The Kevin Russell Band. Matt’s Dad is Mike Pinder former and founding member of The Moody Blues • Kelly Smith, drummer for The Frank Hannon Band, and former drummer of Soulmotor

Rock For Reason All Star Band ~ Stranglehold
Rock For Reason All-Star Band ~ Good Rockin Tonight
Rock For Reason All Star Band w/ Jeff Keith ~ I Just Want to Make Love to You
Rock For Reason All Star Band ~ Stratus 
Rock For Reason All-Star Band ~ Oh Well

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