RHL TV Episodes

Episode 10 ~ Aired 12/13/12 58:30
A Lot Like Birds (live), Dance Gavin Dance (interview and live), Miss May I (interview and live), Volumes (live), Gwar (interview), The Amity Affliction (live), Upon a Burning Body (live), Devil Driver (interview), The Acacia Strain (live).
Episode 28 ~ Aired 9/26/13 58:30
Featuring Sworn In (live), For All Those Sleeping (interview and live), Escape the Fate (RHL mashup), Kill the Precedent (live), Will Haven (live), A Skylit Drive (live), Terraffect (RHL music video).
Episode 100 ~ Aired 9/22/16 28:30
Featuring classic performances by Kittie and Strapping Young Lad.
Episode 102 ~ Aired 10/27/16 28:30
Featuring Jeff Keith and Sammy Karlin at the Ride for Reason Pre-Party and classic live video from The Dead Rabbitts.
Episode 111 ~ Aired 3/9/17 28:30
Featuring OTEP and In This Moment live.
Episode 112 ~ Aired 3/23/17 28:30
Featuring Rivers of Nihil (interview and live) and Awaiting the Apocalypse (dedicated to Marcos Silva RIP).
Rock Hard Live episodes seen on Comcast/Surewest Channel 18 and AT&T U-Verse 99 Sacramento to promote Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the Sacramento area by means of interviews, live performances, and music videos, with a special emphasis on the local music scene.