Whitechapel drops a new music video for the song “I Will Find You” off their October 29, 2021 release Kin. View the video below. Kin is available on CD, vinyl, as a limited imported Box Set, digitally, and streaming HERE.

Whitechapel – I Will Find You (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Opener “I Will Find You” takes place right after the last track off The Valley, “Doom Woods”, which sees Bozeman entering into his life following the events characterized on that album. “I am being followed by my alternate reality/evil self. It’s the part of me that can’t let go and will go to any heights to find the real me and pull me back into the dark past that I want to move on from.”

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U.S. metalcore act Like Moths To Flames have dropped the video for the new single “Predestination Paradox.” Watch it below:

It marks the first new music since the 2021-released EP, Pure Like Porcelain. The song points to an age-old conundrum of human existence — the desire to connect, all the while knowing that a connection can expire without any notice. Despite that potential pain, we still give into the desire to connect.

Musically, the song erupts like volcano, oozing breakdowns and violent vocals. 

“I think there are a lot of things that we all commit to, where we know how it will end,” says LMTF’s Chris Roetter. “This song is meant to portray the experience of learning that almost everything has an inevitable expiration date. We never know how much time we are offered or how much time is left, yet we still immerse ourselves in these deep relationships.”

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