Motograter 2014 headline show at the Boardwalk with support from local favorites Bri and Chernobog.

From the Boardwalk ~ 2/15/14


About Motograter

Motograter was a heavy metal band from California that formed in 1995. They were known for their unique instrument called the “motograter,” which was made of industrial cable and guitar parts, and for their tribal-style body paint. Some of their songs include “Suffocate,” “Down” and “New Design.”

Motograter had many different members over the years. The original lineup included Bruce “Grater” Butler, Joey “Smur” Krzywonski, Zak “The Waz” Ward and Chris “Crispy” Binns. Some of the later members were James Legion, Matthew “Nuke” Nunes, Jesse Stamper, Dustin “Skunk” Anderson and Noah “Shark” Robertson.

The original members of Motograter had different paths after leaving the band. Zak Ward left in 2002 and joined another band called Synapse. Bruce Butler and Joey Krzywonski left in 2004 and formed a new band called Riven. Chris Binns left in 2005 and joined another band called Ghost Machine. Ivan Moody, who replaced Ward as the vocalist in 2003, left in 2006 and became the lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch.


About Chernobog

Chernobog, hailing from Sacramento, California, was a unique force in the metal music scene. This innovative band took a different approach to the genre, fusing traditional metal roots with newer styles to create a sound that was truly their own.

Motograter 2014 Boardwalk flyer
Motograter 2014 headline show

About The Venue

The Boardwalk, founded by Mark Earl in 1987, was a staple in the Sacramento music scene until its closure in January 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Earl’s passing. Nine months later, Derek Clark and Sara Green, owners of Orangevale’s Palm Tree Brewing Company, bought the property and renovated the venue, including the installation of advanced sound and lighting systems.