Florida-via-Atlanta alt-metal band MOODRING have shared “BLACK_WAVE,” a boiling blend of guitar abrasion, synthetic dissonance, and an unexpectedly euphoric chorus. The video premiered exclusively via CRUNCHYROLL, the world’s leading anime streaming service. Watch it below:

“BLACK_WAVE’ is a strike of empowerment, each ugly groove and dramatic tonal shift showcasing Moodring’s aesthetic evolution: though the sound and visuals are thick and laden with grime, it’s crystal clear that Moodring are writing their own playbook. The first new music since last year’s debut full length Stargazer, “BLACK_WAVE” finds Moodring putting darkness and aggression on speed dial. The track is a must-listen for fans of Turnstile, LOATHE, and Deftones.

“This song stems from a dark place — a narrator trapped inside a nihilistic headspace, who is driven to take over, control, and torture another,” shares singer Hunter Young. “The ‘black wave’ is the dark voice inside us all, the hidden thoughts that can’t be spoken of; demons of the taboo that threaten to unleash and destroy the thin fabrics of morality and perceived ‘normalcy.'”

Come get lost in the black wave, if you dare.


Moodring previously released the full length album Stargazer in June 2021. The album was soaked and splattered with shades of crimson, black, and blue. It explored themes of pain and loss, sex and addiction, love and death against a gloriously patchwork musical backdrop. Moodring mix swaths of moody, ’90s grunge and thunderous, ’00s hard rock into a unique and unforgettable sonic blend. Ultimately, Stargazer served as a sonic document about letting go and giving in — letting go of trauma and pain and giving into temptation, vices, and the void.


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