Tuesday night in Sacramento. A perfect night to watch Incite and two other local bands, A Perfect Nightmare and Manzanita Death March at Goldfield’s downtown on J Street, but before it would all begin, I needed to have a few quick words with Richie Cavalera, the vocalist and driving force of Incite.  

Richie let me know that he was glad to be touring the West Coast even after Jungle Rot had to drop off the tour due to unforeseen circumstances, and that his band was really happy to be playing the songs off their most recent release, Wake Up Dead. I asked him what it was like recording War Soup (off of Wake Up Dead) with his father, Max Cavalera of Soulfly and Sepultura fame. He said that it was “very special for all of us.” 

William and Richie

When asked about the overall theme of the album Richie stated that it had a lot to do with the pandemic and its frustrations, indicating that it was just a reflection of his life at that time. So I asked him how he feels about the current situation of the world, and he said that he thought things were getting better and even though there’s a lot of “shit that keeps happening,” he said that he thinks “it’s fixable.” He says he wants to keep doing what they are doing, bringing “a little bit of positivity into what’s happening rather than just shutting everything down” and that he thinks “there’s always hope for us.” 

Next, I asked him which was his favorite concert that he has ever played, and he said it was when he played in Mexico City: “…we played this festival with Jinger and Phil and the Illegals, you know, really cool bands, and that was literally March 16th, 2020. That was probably the last show on the planet, you know, and hanging out with all the bands and the crew, …contemplating what the future is going to be” (Because of the pandemic). 

When asked about guitar player Mike D’s absence on the tour, Richie said it sucked but that he was “helping out some big-time legends that we can’t talk about right now… we understand that it’s something you can’t turn down. You have to do it.” Of replacement guitarist, Layne Richardson (Becomes Astral), Richie called him a “badass,” and after watching him live, I would have to agree. 

As far as future tours, Richie said it will be “much more extensive. Up to Canada, the East Coast, down south, really excited for that and then we’ll be back, probably about March for a tour with Heathen…. pretty fucking excited about just being on the road again.” I agree Richie. After seeing you live, I can’t wait for the next time you hit up the West Coast. For fans of sick Metal music, you should be too. Watch the entire set below: 

Incite Full Set at Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento on 9/2022


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