Haste the Day on its first Farewell Tour with support from Mychildren Mybride, The Chariot, and A Plea For Purging.

February 5th, 2011 at the Boardwalk

Haste The Day

About Haste The Day

Haste the Day, an American metalcore band, formed in Carmel, Indiana in 2001 and signed with Solid State Records. They took their name from a lyric in the hymn “It Is Well with My Soul” by Horatio Spafford. In 2002, they released an EP titled “That They May Know You.” In addition, five more studio albums followed: “Burning Bridges” (2004), “When Everything Falls” (2005), “Pressure the Hinges” (2007), “Dreamer” (2008), and “Attack of the Wolf King” (2010). The band disbanded in March 2011 but reunited in 2014 and released “Coward” in 2015.

On April 23, 2015, they released the lead single “World” from “Coward” online, and released the album on May 18th. The album ranked fiftieth overall on the Billboard charts, second on the Christian charts, seventh on the Hard Rock charts, sixteenth on the Rock charts, and seventh on the internet overall. The band reunited for the first time in seven years to play at the 2022 Furnace Fest.

MyChildren MyBride

About MyChildren MyBride

MyChildren MyBride is an American metalcore band from Madison, Alabama. The group originally signed with Solid State Records after extensive constant touring, including various dates in European countries. After spending seven years and releasing three full-length albums with Solid State, MyChildren MyBride signed with eOne/Good Fight Music.

MyChildren MyBride was founded in 2004 in Madison, Alabama while its members were still enrolled in high school. The group proceeded to promote home recordings every way possible, to gain exposure and a larger fan base. Original musicians were Kyle Ray, Brian Hood, Matt Hasting, and Rob Noneman. Over the years, musicians came and went, but the band was determined to find a solid member line-up.

The band began touring with Haste the Day in support of their Farewell Tour in 2011, along with A Plea for Purging and The Chariot. Furthermore, in March 2011, the band toured with The Chariot in Europe.

Later in April 2011, guitarist Dan Alvarado decided that it was time for him to leave the band. He posted a message as a note on Facebook citing God’s leading for him to go a different direction. There are no hard feelings between him and the rest of the band. He was replaced by Hunter Walls.

Mychildren Mybride entered the studio with Zeuss in October 2011 to record their third Solid State Records release. The album was entitled MyChildren MyBride, set to be released on March 13, 2012. In addition, the band toured in support of For Today on the Fight the Silence Tour in the Spring of 2012. In mid-2012, the band toured on the Scream the Prayer Tour. Bassist Joe Lengson left the band in March 2012 and Nelson Flores (The Great Commission/Sovereign Strength) joined the band.

In September 2014, the band signed with a new label, eOne/Good Fight Music. The band cut a new album, Vicious World, which dropped in October 2915. Furthermore, in 2022 they attended the Furnace Fest at the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL on September 23-25 .

The Chariot

About The Chariot

The American hardcore punk band, The Chariot, originated from Douglasville, Georgia and active from 2003 to 2013. Drummer David Kennedy, vocalist and bandleader Josh Scogin, and guitarists Brandon Henderson and Stephen Harrison made up its last lineup. Despite frequent changes, Scogin remained the only original member. The Chariot’s abrasive metalcore style set them apart from their contemporaries, who often employed melodic/abrasive dynamics and harmonic vocals. Their powerful live performances, driven by Scogin’s lyrics on materialism, personal struggle, current events, politics, and Christian themes, earned them a reputation.

Scogin formed The Chariot after leaving his position as vocalist in Norma Jean. In 2004, Solid State Records signed the band and released their debut album, “Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding”. Additionally, the Chariot released the “Unsung EP” in 2005. The band then followed up with three successful studio albums: “The FiancĂ©e” in 2007, “Wars and Rumors of Wars” in 2009, and “Long Live” in 2010. In May 2012, the band entered the studio to record their fifth full-length album, “One Wing,” released on August 28, 2012. The Chariot disbanded after a farewell tour in late 2013, but still sells merch at the Good Fight Music webstore.

Haste the Day on its first Farewell Tour poster flyer
Haste the Day Farewell Tour 2011


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