I arrived at the venue a little before doors and texted Sammy Duet to see about the location of our interview. We settled on a spot out by their van. (Be sure and watch the interview below.) Sammy was feeling a little down because of the death of long-time metal icon, Trevor Stnard of Black Dahlia Murder, but the interview went well nonetheless, and I headed to the venue.

The venue, Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, is a post-pandemic addition to the Sacramento music scene, which was purchased by the former owners of the Holy Diver to bring in acts who otherwise might not fill a larger venue. It has a bar, is clean, and the stage lights and sound system did not disappoint. Goldfield also has a large upstairs area, which was closed off for this show, that also serves food when there are bigger crowds. There’s also a convenient patio for smokers and a good place to plant your butt if you need a spot to sit for a while.

The show opened with local metal greats, Wastewalker. As usual, they did a great job of getting the crowd going. If you get a chance, this is a band you want to see. Next up was Unidad Trauma from Tijuana Mexico. Unidad Trauma is Spanish for Trauma Unit, and they definitely killed it. Next up was Goatwhore, the band I wanted to see most.

Goatwhore immediately began ripping into their set with the crowd-pleasing tune, “An End To Nothing,” and continued to pellet us mercilessly with the metallic thunder of unholy drumming, superbly prolific riffage, and the deadly vocals of Ben Falgoust until finishing up with the anthemic Goatwhore masterpiece, “Apocalyptic Havoc.” If you get a chance to see them on their next tour with Gwar or any other time, I’m sure you will be very well pleased.

The final band of the night was Brujeria, who opened with a dig on the former Governor of California, Pete Wilson. Pretty funny in a lot of ways. Then they started speaking in Spanish. I looked at the rest of the crowd and most of the faces had changed. These people were here to see Brujeria. I speak broken Spanish, so I kind of understood what was going on, but the crowd was eating it up. This band reminded me of a Hispanic Suicidal Tendencies, a fun but brutal, kind of skater band.

All in all, the show was a good time for everyone, so if you get a chance to check any of these bands out, do it.


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