For Today 2014 tour with Like Moths To Flames, Stray From The Path, the Plot In You and Fit For A King in support of their album, Fight The Silence, which was released on February 4 through Razor & Tie Records.

January 1st, 2014 at the Ace of Spades

Stray From The Path
Fit For A King

About Stray From The Path

Stray from the Path is an American hardcore punk band formed in 2001 in Long Island, New York. The band consists of vocalist Drew York, guitarist Tom Williams, bassist Anthony “Dragon Neck” Altamura, and drummer Craig Reynolds.

Stray from the Path has released twelve studio albums, including “Audio Prozac” (2003), “Make Your Own History” (2009), and “Only Death Is Real” (2017). Additionally, heavy guitar riffs, aggressive drumming, and politically charged lyrics characterize the band’s music.

Stray from the Path has gained a reputation for their energetic and confrontational live performances. Furthermore, they have toured extensively with bands such as Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, and Stick to Your Guns. Moreover, fans and critics recognize the band for their activism, including their support for animal rights.

About Fit For A King

Fit for a King is a Christian metalcore band hailing from Tyler, Texas. The band was formed in 2007 and consists of lead vocalist Ryan Kirby, guitarist Bobby Lynge, bassist Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary, and drummer Jared Easterling. Furthermore, Fit for a King has released several albums, including their debut album “Descendants” in 2011, “Creation/Destruction” in 2013, “Deathgrip” in 2016, and “The Path” in 2020.

Known for their aggressive sound, the band incorporates elements of metalcore, hardcore, and post-hardcore, with themes focused on faith, personal struggles, and social issues. Moreover, their music has earned them a large following within the metalcore scene, and they have toured extensively across the United States and internationally.

Fit for a King has shared the stage with prominent acts such as August Burns Red, Beartooth, and Underoath. Additionally, critics have nominated them for several music awards, including the HM Magazine Reader’s Award for Best Album in 2014.

Like Moths To Flames
The Plot In You

About Like Moths To Flames

Like Moths to Flames is a metalcore band from Columbus, Ohio, formed in 2010 by former members of various bands, including Emarosa, Agraceful, the Crimson Armada, and My Ticket Home. To date they’ve released four studio albums and three EPs via Rise Records. Moreover, the band currently subsists with a lineup of Chris Roetter, Jeremy Smith, and Zach Pishney.

In October 2021, the band announced a five-track EP, “Pure Like Porcelain,” set for release on November 5, 2021. Subsequently, they released the second single “Views from Halfway Down” one week before the EP release.

On January 25, 2023, the band released a statement that Aaron Evans was no longer a member due to allegations of sexual misconduct and mental abuse. Roetter is the only remaining original member in the band.

About The Plot In You

The Plot in You is an American metalcore band that has been tearing up the scene with their powerful sound and emotionally charged lyrics. Formed in 2010, the band is composed of lead vocalist Landon Tewers, guitarist Josh Childress, bassist Ethan Yoder, and drummer Michael Cooper.

The band’s music is a dynamic blend of heavy, crushing riffs and melodic, introspective passages. Landon Tewers’ vocals are a standout feature, ranging from guttural screams to hauntingly beautiful clean singing. The guitar work of Josh Childress is equally impressive, incorporating intricate melodies and technical riffing that add depth and texture to the songs.

But what really sets The Plot in You apart is their willingness to tackle heavy topics in their lyrics. Moreover, known for his brutally honest approach to songwriting, Landon Tewers explores themes of mental health, heartbreak, and the darker aspects of human nature. Additionally, their songs are a cathartic release, giving voice to the struggles that many listeners can relate to.

One interesting fact about The Plot in You is that they’re not afraid to experiment with their sound. While they’re primarily a metalcore band, they’ve incorporated elements of post-hardcore, electronic music, and even country into their songs. This willingness to take risks and push boundaries has earned them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

The Plot in You has released several albums over the years, including their most recent release, “Swan Song.”

Sophukd interviews The Plot in You


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