Escape The Fate The Dead Masquerade tour with support from Alesana, Motionless in White, Get Scared, and Drive A.

March 6th 2011 at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA.

Escape The Fate

About Escape The Fate

Escape the Fate, an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2004. The band is on the Eleven Seven Music label. Additionally, the current lineup consists of Robert Ortiz (drummer), Craig Mabbitt (lead vocalist), TJ Bell (rhythm guitarist and vocalist), Erik Jensen (bassist), and Matti Hoffman (lead guitarist). Ortiz is the last founding member. Before Escape the Fate, the members played in multiple bands together. Monte Money formed the band in 2004 with Green and Radke, later recruiting Ortiz and Espinosa, and Allen. They have released 3 EPs and 7 albums. The album “This War Is Ours” debuted at No. 35 on the Billboard 200 and sold 13,000 copies in its first week.

After an altercation, Las Vegas filed charges against Ronnie Radke for battery in connection with the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Cook. Despite not being the shooter, Radke’s past troubles with narcotics resulted in a sentence of five years probation. Futhermore, he failed to report to his probation officer, leading to his arrest and a two-year prison sentence in June 2008. As a result, Escape the Fate officially fired Radke in mid-2008. Craig Mabbitt replaced Radke and the band added Matti Hoffman as lead guitarist and later Erik Jensen as bassist. In December 2022, the band announced their participation in the 2023 Blue Ridge Rock Festival with a new lineup photo shoot and released their single “H8 my self.” In January 2023, the band announced Hoffman as the lead guitarist; however, they have yet to officially address the departure of Kevin Gruft.


About Alesana

Alesana is a post-hardcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina, founded in 2004 by Shawn Milke, Dennis Lee, and Patrick Thompson. In addition, the band released three EPs and five albums for the Revival and Artery Recordings labels. Their music blends light and heavy sounds with influences from pop, punk, metal, and classic rock bands like the Beatles. Alesana’s fanbase grew with the release of their third album “The Emptiness” in 2010. The band name originates from Aliceanna Street in Baltimore, where vocalist/rhythm guitarist Shawn Milke and lead guitarist Patrick Thompson grew up.

As of 2022, Alesana tours regularly and hints at an upcoming album in the early stages. However, the album is currently delayed due to the band member’s personal lives as all the members except Crump and Bryan are married with children.

Motionless In White

About Motionless In White

The American metalcore band Motionless in White, from Scranton, Pennsylvania, formed in 2004. Chris “Motionless” Cerulli is the lead vocalist, accompanied by guitarists Ryan Sitkowski and Ricky “Horror” Olson, drummer Vinny Mauro, and bassist Justin Morrow. The band name originated from the Eighteen Visions song “Motionless and White.”

Fearless Records signed Motionless in White for their first three studio albums. Additionally, in May 2017, they released their fourth album, “Graveyard Shift,” through Roadrunner Records. Their fifth album, “Disguise,” came out in June 2019, followed by “Scoring the End of the World” in June 2022.

Get Scared

About Get Scared

Formed in 2008, Get Scared was a post-hardcore band from Layton, Utah. They released their first EP “Cheap Tricks and Theatrics” in 2009, followed by a self-titled EP in 2010. Furthermore, their debut album, “Best Kind of Mess,” came out in 2011. Near end of 2011,Joel Faviere joined the band, but was replaced by Matthews after the release of 2012’s “Built for Blame, Laced with Shame.”

Get Scared signed with Fearless Records and released “Everyone’s Out to Get Me” in 2013. “Demons,” released in 2015, marked a departure from post-hardcore to metalcore. Their final album, “The Dead Days,” was released in 2019 and the band broke up due to issues among members. However, the band announced a reunion in 2022, but fell through.

Drive A

About Drive A

Drive A was a rock band comprised of Bruno Mascolo on lead vocals, Jason Nott on guitar, and Taylor Knowles on guitar. However, the band has undergone some personnel changes in the past, with former members including Cody Root, Chris Bowman, and Terry Stirling. Drive A released an album “The World in Shambles,” featuring electrifying tracks such as “Revolt!”, “Young Cunts”, and “Belligerent Time Bomb”. They have a previous album, “Loss of Desire,” and an EP, “The Marked Man.” Drive A is a band that will be missed.

Escape The Fate 2011 tour poster flyer
Escape The Fate The Dead Masquerade tour


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