Live video of Death Angel 2012 tour when they toured with Warbringer and Blessed Curse in 2012.

January 20, 2012 at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA

Death Angel

About Death Angel

Death Angel is a thrash metal band from the Bay Area in California, known for their energetic live performances and aggressive sound. Rob Cavestany and Andy Galeon formed the band in 1982, and over the years, they’ve released several critically acclaimed albums and gained a dedicated fan following.

Death Angel is a leading band in Bay Area thrash metal and part of the “big eight” of thrash metal along with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus, and Overkill. They signed with Geffen Records in 1989 and released Act III in 1990, but a bus accident injured drummer Andy Galeon and led to the band’s breakup in 1991. They reformed in 2001 and have since released six more albums, including Humanicide (2019) which earned them their first-ever Grammy nomination. Currently, they are working on their tenth album.

Over the years, Death Angel has gone through several lineup changes, but their dedication to their craft and their fans has remained steadfast. The band continues to tour and record new music, showcasing their evolution as musicians and their enduring influence on the thrash metal genre.


About Warbringer

John Laux and Victor Mikhaltsevich formed the band when they met in high school in 2004 and quickly gained a following in the thrash metal community with their demo recordings. Additionally, Century Media Records discovered Warbringer while playing a local show in LA.

Warbringer’s music is characterized by lightning-fast guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and intense vocals. Their lyrics often touch on themes like war, violence, and social issues, with a focus on historical events and military conflicts.

In addition to their studio recordings, Warbringer is also known for their energetic and explosive live performances. Their shows are often accompanied by intense mosh pits and crowd surfing, creating an atmosphere of pure adrenaline and chaos.

Warbringer released six full-length studio albums, despite undergoing lineup changes. In addition, fans and critics recognize their contributions to the “thrash metal revival” scene of the late 2000s and early 2010s, alongside bands such as Bonded by Blood, Evile, Hatchet, and Havok. Moreover, They released their sixth album, Weapons of Tomorrow, in April 2020 and are currently writing new material for their seventh album, after withdrawing from a 2022 European tour due to medical issues.


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