In June of 2014, Dance Gavin Dance headlined the Sacramento event, Concert In The Park, at Caesar Chavez Plaza. Following the event, the party continued a couple of blocks away at the Assembly where fans were treated with more music from Sianvar, Stolas, Secret Band, and Tilian.

6-6-14 from the Concert in the Park, Sacramento, CA

Dance Gavin Dance

About Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance is a California-based American rock band formed in 2005. It features vocalists Jon Mess and Tilian Pearson, lead guitarist Will Swan, rhythm guitarist Andrew Wells, and drummer Matthew Mingus. Over time, the band has had many lineup changes with Swan and Mingus being the only constant members.

The band began their music career by releasing their first EP in 2006, and promptly signed with Rise Records. Over the years, they have produced 10 studio albums to date. In addition, their efforts have been acknowledged in the US, where some of their albums have charted.

The band is known for being one of the top post-hardcore groups and has had four albums reach the top 20 in the US, with one reaching the top 10. Tim Feerick, the former bassist, passed away in 2022 prior to the release of “Jackpot Juicer,” with Sergio Medina taking over on bass for live performances.

About Sianvar

An American progressive rock band called Sianvar (pronounced: sea-en-var) formed in 2013 in Sacramento, California. The band consisted of lead vocalist Donovan Melero, guitarists Will Swan and Sergio Medina, and drummer Joseph Arrington. They were signed to Swan’s independent record label Blue Swan Records. On January 5, 2014, they released their debut self-titled EP, followed by their debut full-length studio album, Stay Lost, in August 2016. On April 8, 2019, the band announced an indefinite hiatus.

Secret Band

About Secret Band

Secret Band (often stylized as SECRETBAND) formed in 2011 in Sacramento, California as an American post-hardcore band. The band consists of lead vocalist Jon Mess, drummer Matthew Mingus, lead guitarist Will Swan, bass guitarist Jordan McCoy, and rhythm guitarist Martin Bianchini. Swan, Mingus, and Mess are all full-time members of Dance Gavin Dance, while Bianchini and McCoy have both worked with the group as touring members.

Swan’s independent record label Blue Swan Records signed the band before the signed to Rise Records in 2019. They released their self-titled debut extended play in 2011, followed by their self-titled debut studio album in 2014.

About Tilian

Tilian Pearson, an American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer born in Clearwater, Florida, has been the third clean vocalist for the post-hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance since 2012.

Tilian has also released four studio albums and two extended plays as a solo musician. Independent record label Vital Recordings released his first two albums, “Material Me” (2013) and “Perfect Enemy” (2015). However, Rise Records released his third and fourth studio albums, The “Skeptic” (2018) and “Factory Reset” (2021). He has appeared on numerous other musical groups and artists’ songs, including “Better Now” by Post Malone, covered by Our Last Night in 2018, “Action” by Don Broco in 2019, featuring Tyler Carter, Taka Moriuchi, and Caleb Shomo, and “Drive” by Adventure Club in 2021.


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