Conducting from the Grave 2012 show at the Boardwalk with Soma Ras, Awaiting the Apocalypse, Paint Over Pictures, Beyond All Ends, Nightmare In The Twilight, and Enemy In Peril. Fallujah cancelled at the last minute.

March 23rd, at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA

Conducting From The Grave
Soma Ras

About Conducting From The Grave

Conducting From the Grave is an American death metal band that was formed in 2003 in Sacramento, California. The band’s original lineup consisted of Greg Donnelly (vocals), Jeff Morgan (guitar), John Abernathy (guitar), Matt Tillett (bass), and Mikey Powell (drums).

The band’s name is a reference to a line in the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Conducting From the Grave released their debut EP, “When Legends Become Dust,” in 2005. Additionally, the band followed it up with their first full-length album, “And Our War Will Dawn,” in 2007.

Conducting From the Grave’s music is characterized by its fast-paced, technical guitar riffs, complex drumming, and harsh, growling vocals. The band’s lyrics often deal with themes of war, death, and the human condition.

Conducting From the Grave experienced several lineup changes over the years, as Lou Tanuis replaced Donnelly in 2009. Moreover, Drew Winter replaced Tanuis in 2010. The band released their second full-length album, “Revenants,” in 2010, followed by their third and final album, “Honor Guide Me!” in 2013.

Despite the band’s relatively short period of activity, they gained a dedicated following in the death metal scene and received praise for their technical skills and distinct sound. Fans of the genre continue to celebrate their music.

About Soma Ras

Soma Ras was a blackened death metal band hailing from Sacramento, California. Former Embrace the End guitarist Spencer Daly and his longtime friend Flint Marshall formed the band in 2011. Both had previously played together in the local outfit Cyanide Era. In addition, they teamed up with guitarist John Abernathy of Conducting from the Grave to create a new sound. Monte Barnard and Ryan Ausbun later joined as the front man and bassist, respectively, bringing their own unique styles and talents to the mix.

Soma Ras’ mission was to create an old school style of death metal with a modern, blackened twist. Moreover, the band created two videos, “Veiled in Deceit” and “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.”

Brutal and intense guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and thunderous drumming, all complemented by Barnard’s powerful and versatile vocals charecterize the band’s sound. Additionally, their music is influenced by a wide range of metal genres, from death metal and black metal to thrash and hardcore.

Soma Ras has made a name for themselves in the Sacramento metal scene, known for their high-energy live shows and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre. With their blend of old-school death metal and contemporary blackened death metal, Soma Ras is a band to watch for fans of heavy music.

Nightmare in the Twilight