Sworn Enemy and Hoods on a 2016 tour. Also on the bill were War Story and Wastewalker.

December 11th, 2016 at the Colony in Sacramento

Sworn Enemy

About Sworn Enemy

Sworn Enemy is a hardcore band that formed in Queens, New York in 1997. Aggressive guitar riffs, pounding drums, and intense vocals charecterize the band’s music. Moreover, Sworn Enemy’s lyrics often focus on themes of anger, betrayal, and personal struggle.

The band has released several albums over the years, including “As Real as It Gets” (2003), “The Beginning of the End” (2006), and “Living on Borrowed Time” (2014). Sworn Enemy is known for their energetic live performances and has toured extensively throughout the United States and internationally.

Century Media Records released Total World Domination on June 16 in the US and June 22 in Europe. The album was produced by Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying, as in previous works. Lorenzo Antonucci, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, expressed his enthusiasm for the album, stating that the writing process was the best they’ve had. Antonucci claimed that the foundation for the album was their strongest yet and that they drew inspiration from their earlier works, such as As Real as It Gets, Beginning of the End, and Maniacal. He noted that the sound was faster, angrier, and more ignorant than ever before. The record was also the first recording to feature Sid on bass and JRad on drums.

Sworn Enemy experienced some changes in their lineup in the following years. However, the band regrouped with new members in May 2014 and released Living On Borrowed Time on Rock Ridge Records. The album was followed by several tours in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, during which they promoted their new release. Sworn Enemy is still actively touring in support of Living on Borrowed Time.

About Hoods

Mike “Mikey Hood” Mraz formed Hoods, a hardcore punk band from Sacramento, California, in 1994. Mraz later added Logan Murray, Tony Goodloe, and Billy Gaffney to the group. Bands such as Madball, Sick of It All, Minor Threat, and Cro-MagsHoods’ influnce their music. Additionally, the band released their first EP, entitled “Once Again,” in 1996, and they focused on performing live. However, after numerous fights between fans and an altercation between a couple of band members and a police officer, the band left Sacramento.

Hoods relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where they performed alongside Powerhouse, Redemption 87, and Skin Lab. In 1997, Gaffney left the band due to disagreements with bandmates and his mother’s illness. He was replaced by Jeremy, while Ben and Mario replaced Murray and Goodloe, respectively.

In 2005, Hoods had a dispute with Victory Records over royalties and management, resulting in them being dropped from the label. They signed with Eulogy Recordings later that year and released The King Is Dead. The band released Ghetto Blaster on April 24, 2007. After signing with I Scream Records, Pit Beast was released in May 2009, featuring cover art by Craig Holloway, who has created cover art for Negative Approach and Obituary, among others. In 2014, the band signed with Artery Recordings and released Gato Negro.

War Story
Sworn Enemy ~ Interview 
War Story ~ Interview


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