Australia’s extreme metal titans Thy Art Is Murder have announced their long-awaited new album, Godlike, arriving September 15. Godlike marks Thy Art Is Murder’s first 100% independently released record, out worldwide via their own label Human Warfare. Pre-order Godlike here.

The band has also shared the devastating new single, “Join Me In Armageddon.”

Opening with a foreboding riff that feels like you’re being marched into the arms of evil, heed the warning of Thy Art when they advise to “dress warm for nuclear winter.”

Watch the video below:

“‘Join Me In Armageddon’ is a song that started off with one idea, self destruction,” says guitarist Andy Marsh. “I suppose throughout this record, we have ended up touching on a lot of themes that came to the fore these last few years, for us, and maybe you, as well. Loss, distance, doubt, pressure, and tension have made their way through our lives and now are intertwined and immortalized in this record — Godlike.”

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Alternative rock band To Kill Achilles begin their next chapter with new album, Recovery, out August 11 via Arising Empire.

The band has also shared the video for “…and I’m An Addict.” Watch it below:


“This record is the antithesis of the last — for far too long, we’ve told the story of mental degradation without hope. Becoming completely drained repeating the same lines of how it hurts to be here, Recovery deals with courage, control, acceptance, and ultimately, the end goal that anyone in this circumstance seeks… the other side. This record is the journey of getting better, taking control of your life and the experiences around you.”

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