Brawloween 2011 Tour with Throwdown, Carnifex, and Suffokate, and First Blood.

10-28-11 at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, Ca


About Throwdown

Formed in 1997, American metal band Throwdown hails from Orange County, California. Numerous lineup changes left no original members, but the band toured with big names such as In Flames, Lamb of God, and Korn. MTV2’s Headbangers Ball played “Forever” and “Burn” frequently, and Revolver Magazine dubbed Throwdown “The Future of Metal” after hearing Vendetta. Critics compared the band’s sound to Pantera and Sepultura, though they started as a hardcore punk band. In 2020, Throwdown released a surprise EP, Take Cover, featuring five cover songs. The EP came out on the band’s own label, Pit Viper Records. All Trustkill-era albums are now available on digital services via Pit Viper Records.

About Carnifex

Carnifex, an American deathcore band from San Diego County, California, formed in 2005. Currently, they are with the Nuclear Blast label; however, they were at one time on Victory Records. The band has eight full-length albums and three EPs to their name. Founding members Scott Ian Lewis (lead vocalist) and Shawn Cameron (drummer) lead the band, joined by rhythm guitarist Cory Arford, bassist Fred Calderon, and lead guitarist Neal Tiemann.

In 2021, Carnifex covered “Dead Bodies Everywhere” by Korn and embarked on a 2021 US Summer Tour. Furthermore in May of the same year, they released “Seven Souls,” followed by “Pray for Peace” on June 18, 2021. On July 23, 2021, they announced their eighth studio album, Graveside Confessions, set to release on September 3, along with the title track.

On September 9, 2022, Scott Lewis announced that Neal Tiemann officially joined Carnifex after playing live with them on recent tours, making the band a five-piece. In addition, he also said that they are currently working on their ninth studio album with Tiemann.

First Blood

About First Blood

First Blood launched their debut record, the eponymous EP, in 2003. The following year, they collaborated with Blacklisted on a split EP, “The Dead Man’s Hand.” In 2006, First Blood released their first full-length album, “Killafornia,” on Trustkill Records. After that, they went on tour with Ignite, Comeback Kid, The Red Chord, Sick of It All, Stretch Arm Strong, and others. Additionally, they performed at the New England Metal Fest on April 29. In 2007, they toured extensively with Full Blown Chaos, Since the Flood, and Death Before Dishonor.

On February 10, 2017, First Blood released their third studio album, “Rules,” their first in seven years, produced by Will Putney on Pure Noise Records. In January of that year, they premiered the lyric video of “Rules of Conviction,” followed by the video featuring Jesse Barnett of Stick to Your Guns and Kobayashi Hiroyuki of Loyal to the Grave in June.

About Suffokate

Suffokate is a deathcore band from Oakland, California. Formed in 2005, the band has established a reputation for their intense live performances and aggressive musical style. Their music incorporates elements of death metal, metalcore, and hardcore punk, delivering a powerful and abrasive sound that appeals to fans of extreme music.

Suffokate has released several albums and EPs, showcasing their relentless energy and innovative approach to deathcore. Their music is characterized by fast, pounding drums, heavy riffs, and abrasive growls, delivering a brutal and uncompromising sound that has earned them a dedicated fanbase.

The band has toured extensively, playing alongside some of the biggest names in heavy metal and hardcore punk, and has established a reputation as one of the premier deathcore bands in the world.

Brawloween 2011 Tour poster flyer
Brawloween 2011 with Throwdown