As I Lay Dying headlining a 2011 tour with support from Winds of Plague and After The Burial.

3/18/2011 Ace of Spades

After The Burial
Winds Of Plague

About After The Burial

After the Burial is a US progressive metal band from Minnesota on the Sumerian Records label. They have five albums through the label. In addition, the band formed in 2004, but Trent Hafdahl is the only remaining founding member. They are known for contributing to djent and progressive metalcore. The group’s first album “Forging a Future Self” was recorded in 2005 and released in 2006 through Corrosive Records. However, Erickson and Wellner left and Luoma joined as vocalist. Moreover, Robles took Erickson’s place as drummer but also left before the second album.

About Winds of Plague

Winds of Plague is an American deathcore band from California. When the band formed in 2002, their name was originally Bleak December. However, in 2005, they changed their name to Winds of Plague and released their demo “A Cold Day in Hell.” In 2008, they released their first album “Decimate the Weak” through Century Media Records. In 2015, vocalist Johnny Plague announced the band’s return after a hiatus. They recorded their fifth studio album “Blood of My Enemy” from 2016 to 2017 and released it in 2017.

As I Lay Dying with Winds of Plague and After the Burial 2011 tour poster flyer
As I Lay Dying Headline Show with After the Burial and Winds of Plague 2011

About the Venue

Ace of Spades, a music venue located in the bustling R Street Corridor of downtown Sacramento, opened its doors in 2011. It has played a crucial role in the growth of R Street as an entertainment district, offering a wide range of concerts alongside a vibrant collection of bars, restaurants, shops, and lofts.