Animals As Leaders 2014 tour in support of their latest release, The Joy of Motion, with support from After the Burial, Navene K, Chon, and local openers Salythia.

3-27-14 from the Assembly in Sacramento, CA

Animals As Leaders
After The Burial

About Animals As Leaders

Animals as Leaders is a progressive metal band that combines elements of various genres, including jazz, fusion, and electronic music. The band features a unique lineup of instrumentalists, with Tosin Abasi on guitar, Javier Reyes on guitar and bass, and Matt Garstka on drums. A book by Daniel Quinn called Ishmael inspired the name Animals As Leaders. The book explores the themes of ethics, morality and human-animal relationships.

The band is known for their intricate and technical musicianship, with Abasi’s eight-string guitar playing serving as a focal point of their sound. Their music is often instrumental, with occasional use of vocal samples or guest vocalists.

Animals as Leaders has released several critically acclaimed albums, including their self-titled debut in 2009, which showcased their blend of technical proficiency and melodic sensibility. Their follow-up albums, “Weightless” and “The Joy of Motion,” continued to push the boundaries of progressive metal and earned the band a dedicated following.

About After The Burial

After the Burial is a US progressive metal band from Minnesota on the Sumerian Records label. They have five albums through the label. In addition, the band formed in 2004, but Trent Hafdahl is the only remaining founding member. They are known for contributing to djent and progressive metalcore. The group’s first album “Forging a Future Self” was recorded in 2005 and released in 2006 through Corrosive Records. However, Erickson and Wellner left and Luoma joined as vocalist. Moreover, Robles took Erickson’s place as drummer but also left before the second album.

Salythia Interview