36 Crazyfists 2015 tour with Nonpoint & Scare Don’t Fear. Also on the bill at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, Ca were local openers Damage Over Time and Our Endless Obsession.

36 Crazyfists

About 36 Crazyfists

Forming in Anchorage, Alaska in 1994, 36 Crazyfists became a prominent force in the metalcore scene. The band derived its name from Jackie Chan’s iconic Hong Kong martial arts film “36 Crazy Fists” (1977), fueling their music with relentless energy. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Brock Lindow, guitarists Steve Holt and Ryan Brownell, bassist JD Stuart, and drummer Thomas Noonan, with Holt hailing from Kenai and Lindow deeply connected to his childhood in Kenai.

Throughout their career, 36 Crazyfists showcased their musical prowess, releasing eight studio albums. Their most recent, “Lanterns,” was unleashed on September 29, 2017, under the Spinefarm Records label. This record further solidified their place in the industry and captivated fans with its powerful sound.

However, on March 19, 2021, a post by Steven Holt on his personal Facebook profile suggested a potential disbandment of the band. Although lacking official confirmation, this announcement raised concerns. Interestingly, just two weeks prior, vocalist Brock Lindow had confirmed that a new album was already halfway written, providing a glimmer of hope for fans.

Shortly after these conflicting statements, reports emerged that the band would carry on without Lindow, but once again, no official confirmation was provided. The uncertainty surrounding their future left fans eagerly awaiting any updates or announcements from the band members themselves.

Our Endless Obsession
Damage Over Time ~ Waking Up The Dead
Damage Over Time ~ Interview

About Damage Over Time

Damage Over Time was a Heavy Rock band that made a name for themselves in the Sacramento area music scene. With their intense sound and captivating live performances, they quickly gained a dedicated following.

The band consisted of six talented musicians, including Destroy on vocals, Mr Hide on guitar, Samicidal on bass, Johnny Wishbone on backup vocals, Tattoo Mikey Mayhem on keyboard, and Jerry Steel on drums. Each member brought their own unique style and energy to the group, creating a dynamic and powerful sound that set them apart from other bands in the area.

Since forming in 2004, Damage Over Time worked tirelessly to build a reputation as one of the best live acts in the Sacramento rock scene. Fans remeber them for for their high-energy performances and unique visual style, which added an extra element of excitement to their shows.

Overall, Damage Over Time was a band that made a lasting impact on the Sacramento music scene. Their music and performances will be remembered by fans for years to come.