Demon Hunter is set to launch a mostly acoustic and stripped-down release,Songs of Death and Resurrection, due March 5, 2021, via Solid State Records.

Songs of Death and Resurrection features 11 new “Resurrected” versions of classic DEMON HUNTER songs from across their ten studio albums, including fan favorites such as “I Am a Stone,” “I Will Fail You,” “Carry Me Down,” and “The Heart of a Graveyard,” plus a brand new composition, “Praise the Void”.

Marking an entirely new approach for DEMON HUNTER, Songs of Death and Resurrection finds the band using lush string arrangements, haunting piano, and layered vocal harmonies.

View the video for I Am A Stone (Resurrected) below:

Demon Hunter is an American metal institution. The band embraces brazenly transcendent melodies, without apology, while maintaining a defiant heaviness reminiscent of the most timeless of metal music. For nearly two decades, Demon Hunter has weathered the changing tides of rock subculture, proving ever resistant to trends, and ever resilient, making music as determined and resolute as the men within the band. 

Songs of Death and Resurrection is a brand new studio endeavor that sees the band reimagining some of the most treasured ballads from across their ten albums, in a format that blends acoustic guitars with drums, lush string arrangements, piano, and expansive vocal harmonies.

It’s a full album’s worth of “resurrected” tracks, including beloved anthems like “I Am a Stone,” “I Will Fail You,” “Carry Me Down,” and “The Heart of a Graveyard,” plus a brand new song, “Praise the Void.” The record was recorded in Atlanta, Nashville, and just outside Seattle.

In 2019 the band unveiled not one but two new full-length albums on the same day. War was filled with aggression and Peace doubled down on melody; both are dynamic and diverse standalone offerings. War and Peace debuted at No. 1 and 2, respectively, on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart; in the Top 5 of the Hard Music chart; at No. 5 and 6 in Rock; and in the Top 10 of Billboard’s current albums chart.

“On My Side,” from War, was No. 1 on Music Choice and played heavily on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal. Demon Hunter’s ninth and tenth studio albums arrived just two years after Outlive, which debuted at #1 Independent, #2 Rock Music, #2 Hard Music, #8 Current Albums, and #25 on the Billboard 200 chart. “Raining Down” was #1 at Christian Rock.

Like War, Peace, Outlive (2017) and Extremist (2014), Songs of Death and Resurrection was produced by the band’s own Jeremiah Scott. Singer Ryan Clark, a Grammy-nominated designer who has worked on album projects for Alice In Chains and Foo Fighters, once again spearheaded the look and feel, with a cover painting by artist Eliran Kantor.

Demon Hunter’s musical identity is forged from diverse elements that coalesce into a singular electric charge, merging seemingly disparate sound with seamless agility: the energy of America’s thrash metal legends; the catchiness of Europe’s melodic death metal innovators; the gloomy atmospheric majesty of gothic rock; the songcraft of dark romantic pop; and the fist-pumping aggression of Southern groove.

Demon Hunter’s body of work is born from unwavering commitment, uncompromising creative determination, and stark recognition of the reality of an often-cold world, tempered in defiant hope. It’s made up of smartly constructed, confessional lyrics; heady and catchy melody; monster riffs; bottom-heavy grooves; the collision of meticulous production and urgent raw power; bold imagery and bolder themes. 

Demon Hunter live on Rock Hard Live.

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